Today:   Time of rise and set of Sun and Moon.
May 30 - June 1:   VEGA 2019 - International Spectroscopy Symposium for Amateurs, near the city of Salzburg, Austria
Forum:   Please visit also our forum "SAG Fachgruppe Spektroskopie".


Oct. 8, 2017:   The meeting "Spektrotreff" was held in the location of Güntisberg. The program included some lectures and discussions about spectro-specific themes. The participants went from all parts of Switzerland.
June 20, 2017:   The ASAS goes online.
June 9-11, 2017:   The spectroscopy conference "ASpekt 2017" was held in St. Niklausen, Switzerland (pictures).
March 6, 2017:   SAG Spectroscopy Division under new leadership: Patricia Otero kindly agreed to look after the astro spectroscopy group in the future. We wish Patricia much fun and success.
For the moderation of the forum "SAG Fachgruppe Spektroskopie" on astro!nfo, Thomas Blank and Michael Keiser are responsible.
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